Buddy just needs TLC

After waiting over a year to be adopted, Buddy was adopted the day this story ran in The Herald Newspaper!

It’s the holidays, and Buddy, a four-year-old black lab mix, has spent the last year at the Will County Humane Society no-kill shelter yearning for a home. Most shelter dogs are adopted within a reasonable amount of time, but Buddy has lingered because he has some health issues.

Meeting Buddy

I met Buddy a couple of weeks ago. While most of the other dogs barked incessantly, he remained a gentleman. His tail was up and wagging, so I knew he was excited. But he wasn’t all riled either. We strolled together outside in the autumn air and I got to see firsthand how gentle and sweet he really is. We seriously considered taking him home. But he’s just a little too big for our house with two Golden Retrievers and two cats.

Buddy’s Health Issues

Buddy has an autoimmune skin disease (pemphigus foliaceus). His vet, Dr. Jerome Zeleny, said that Buddy would probably require prednisone (a steroid) for life. The cost would run about $0.30 per day. Some dogs outgrow the need for meds altogether, but it’s difficult to tell if this will happen for Buddy.

The steroid has caused him to gain weight, too, so he would need to go on a diet. Buddy might occasionally need an antibiotic and baths, if his skin irritations flare up.

Buddy has come a long way from a year ago when he was covered in lesions and was nothing but skin and bones. He has touched our hearts. So much so that I wanted to write his story and make a plea to The Herald News readers to give him a chance. All of the volunteers at the shelter love Buddy, but they know he would be really happy with a family.


After waiting over a year to be adopted, Buddy was adopted the day this story ran in The Herald Newspaper! Older Dogs Need Help, Too!

If you would like to consider adopting a dog and live in the Will County area in Illinois, visit the Will County Humane Society at 24101 W. Seil Road in Shorewood, IL on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, or Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. or call 815-741-0695. 

Do you have an older dog you need to re-home? Are you looking for an older dog to adopt? If so, where would you recommend for an adoption?

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